Friday, August 27, 2010

Need to Think Of Rural India

The great Indian phenomena, the 70 percent Indian population depend on agriculture but we don't have proper agriculture policy, farmers suicide in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, burn their crops in Uttar Pradesh because they are not able to get a minimum support price, there is no proper irrigation policy after 63 years of independence and farmers have to wait for monsoon, whereas deficit of it makes cause of drought which leads to deficit of kharif (the crop farmed during monsoon). In other way our farmers have to depend on costly diesel to irrigate their fields which makes their plight so terrible, some years if monsoon appears heavy, our farmers have to suffer by floods but there is no proper mechanism of embankment,

According to Tendulkar committee report, 37 percent of people in India live below poverty line, an increase of 10 percent, where two square meal is not guaranteed. Interestingly, lacs of tons of food grain are rotten every year following lack of warehousing management.

In contrast, Indian government as well as government of national capital territory of Delhi funded billions of rupees to organise commonwealth games which could have been used for development.

After Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, we have just heard promises because our contemporary policy makers don't have their persona as our legends had. Indeed they have gone to a dwarfish stature. Therefore, they don't have the will power to take over the situations. They only know, how to win the elections, even by the support of criminals, and always keep themselves engaged to fill their pockets. Recently we have shown, how our parliamentarians increased their salary up to 200 percent as India is a poor country